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February 13, 2007 • Fashion

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Can you tell which was designed by a man? Woman? What does it mean to design for women?

Men? Women? Clothing and Bodies? Suzy Menkes asks a somewhat dated but neverless interesting question: Is there such a thing as designing from a woman’s point of view or is Menkes making distinctions about point-of-view that don’t make sense?

In the aftermath of fashion week, I am too exhausted to take on this sociological and philosophical question in it’s entirety (but stay tuned). It begs the idea of this "woman" that somehow embodies all women and all "feminine" characteristics. Nevertheless she asks legends Donna Karan, L’Wren Scott and Anne Klein about how they design and for whom they design.  At the end of the day I wonder where the answer to the question will get the fashion industry, one way or the other. Who does the answer benefit and why? However, I think its a question that needs to be asked and to which there need to be a variety of answers. For now, here’s Menkes’ attempt to get some of those answers:

Read "Women’s Point of View" by Suzy Menkes in the

— Joanne Molina of Second City Style

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