Searching for Skinny: Jeans for the Tall & Thin

February 17, 2007 • Magazine

Searching for Skinny: Jeans for the Tall & Thin

Searching for Skinny: Jeans for the Tall & Thin

Sat, 2007-02-17 12:00

Rachel Yeomans

How many articles on the “perfect fit” jeans have you read in your lifetime? I don’t know about you, but I lost count. Some I have found quite useful and others totally skipped over my body type leaving me guessing during the next hunt for my personal “of-the-moment” favorite denim.

Many of these articles feature images and descriptions of many different body types — the most common include: pear-shaped, big butt, tummy, larger hips/thighs, petite, tall and boyish figure. Then based on body types, these articles list various jeans that work best for each figure. However, I have discovered very few of these articles address the body type most women envy — the tall, slim type with virtually no curves. I noticed this after receiving an e-mail from a woman with this exact body type, begging for denim assistance.

So this column I dedicate to you female readers who need sleeves and pant-legs lengthened at your neighborhood tailor, whose goal is to have a pair of pants that doesn’t sag off your rear, and who dreams of wearing jeans that don’t assume Capri length as soon as they’ve hit your hips.

I have highlighted five designer jeans for you ladies. And each I have personally tried on to vouch for fit and have found via the Internet for those of you who don’t have the denim boutique a mere train ride or city block away.

The first is the Ranahan jean. I personally am in love with these jeans. They are casual and laid-back with a hint of the Western flair, but fit quite comfortably snug in the rear, hips and thighs before flaring out in the pant leg. They feature a 34″ inseam with a slight amount of spandex for stretch. And just for an extra treat, you have to love the oh-so-cute back pocket designs and the red and white checkered pocket lining.

One designer to check out is heavily featured on, a website specifically catering designer-ware to the above-average in height. These are the Hudson jeans. These adorable bootcuts have a 36″ inseam and a rise of 7″. And again, you just have to love those pockets.

Then there are Joe’s Jeans. These wonderful bottoms are ideal for the tall slim frame – they enhance the seemingly barely-there butt and flaunt those strappy 4″ heels with the perfectly-lengthed flare. This design, Twiggy in Cassidy, is sold with a 36″ inseam with a front rise of 7.5″ and a rear rise of 12.5″. So don’t worry about the embarrassing back-flash when you take a seat during your next cocktail party.

Another great-fitting yet slightly more casual look comes from the Earl Jeans collection. I actually own a pair of these jeans and they have become part of my standard go-to attire, and women still stop me to inquire as to where I got them. With a 34″ inseam and comfortable stretch, they can be taken throughout an active day with flats into the cross-legged kitten-heeled evening.

Now for the final round-up of the denim roster, I leave you with none other than the skinny jeans. Habitual Skinny Jeans are just the pair for making the slim look oh so sexy. Add these 35″ inseam, 7.5″ rise denim beauties to a pair of pointy pumps and you’ve taken the denim world by storm!

I hope these suggestions narrowed your search for the perfect slim denim, however if you’re still left without your signature pair, check out the website After filling out a brief questionnaire (honestly, mind you), the website lists various types and styles of jeans that would work best for you style and body type along with where they can be purchased. I personally got a list of 152 styles — looks like I have some shopping to do!

Ranahan Jeans Western Stretch

Hudson Supermodel Triangle Pocket bootcut in dark resin

Joe’s Jeans Twiggy in Cassidy

Earl Jeans Twiggy in Cassidy

Habitual Skinny Jean Get 10% off using code: secondcity

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