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February 20, 2007 • Fashion


Rachel Yeomans for Second City Style Magazine

How many articles on the “perfect fit” jeans have you read in your
lifetime? I don’t know about you, but I lost count. Some I have found
quite useful and others totally skipped over my body type leaving me
guessing during the next hunt for my personal “of-the-moment” favorite

Many of these articles feature images and descriptions of many different body types —
the most common include: pear-shaped, big butt, tummy, larger
hips/thighs, petite, tall and boyish figure. Then based on body types,
these articles list various jeans that work best for each figure.
However, I have discovered very few of these articles address the
body type most women envy — the tall, slim type with virtually no
I noticed this after receiving an e-mail from a woman with this exact body type, begging for denim assistance.

So this column I dedicate to you female readers who need sleeves and
pant-legs lengthened at your neighborhood tailor, whose goal is to have
a pair of pants that doesn’t sag off your rear, and who dreams of
wearing jeans that don’t assume Capri length as soon as they’ve hit
your hips. Read more here…

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