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February 21, 2007 • Fashion

Looking for the deeper meaning to Prada’s collection? I’m afraid there isn’t one, which just leaves me afraid. Spring ’07 left some scratching their heads, but at least the fabrics and the colors were amazing. This collection? Not so much. As Muccia Prada herself described her show…’simple but strange.’ Minimalist, unsexy, furry, leathery and sorta dorky, if you ask me. Not a bad collection if you charge $300 for a coat, not $3000.

The leather looked boxy and not well cut and the colors raw.  The colorblocking was interesting, but the knee socks disturbing. It all looked rather angry and unfinished. Not what I expected at all. But isn’t that the whole point of Prada? It sometimes takes a while to understand the sub-text of deeper meaning. However, I have a feeling I may never get this one!


Prada_12 Prada_10
Prada_7 Prada_6

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