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February 22, 2007 • Fashion

Gucci is known for their sleek, sexy clothes paired with luxurious accessories.  This collection was no exception, but it was a softer version than in seasons past.  Old Hollywood and 30s and 40s silhouettes were key themes, with over-the-top furs and embellished gowns and sharply tailored suits making for a gorgeous runway presentation. 

The Veronica Lake hair and ruby-red lips lent a bit of a costumey feel to the whole thing – it was the kind of look that really only works on the runway.  Accessories, usually Gucci’s strong point, fell a bit short – the platform boots were fabulous, but the awkwardly shaped, tweedy duffel bags just didn’t work.  The warm color palette (black, reds, rusts, and golds with some plaids thrown in) did work, however; these colors are perfect paired with gray (a shade that is guaranteed to be in everyone’s fall 2007 wardrobe). 

Overall Impression: There were some beautiful pieces, but the collection didn’t scream Gucci like previous collections have.   

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