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February 23, 2007 • Fashion Shows

Donatella’s last few collections for Versace have been a significant improvement over her previous work – clearly, sobriety agrees with her.  She’s maintained the obvious sex appeal that remains the heart of the line, but today’s Versace woman is much more refined; she’s more interested in elegance and luxury than showing off all her assets (at the same time).  That said, there were still plenty of chiffon evening gowns and second-skin shift dresses on the runway. 

Black, white and silver were mixed up with vibrant shades of turquoise, green, pink, and purple for a colorful show that was reminiscent that was a little bit 80s and a little bit mod at the same time.  Most of the clothes were cut very close to the body, with a few oversized, cozy jackets among the daytime pieces.  Many of the looks were belted, and the ubiquitous long black leather gloves made an appearance, and a few models wore black berets.  The shoes were mostly black patent zippered ankle boots with silver soles to match the glittering touches that appeared in many of the ensembles.  Many models carried square-ish, very structured bags with major silver hardware as well.   

Overall Impression: Versace is still glamourous, but no longer the sole province of rich club kids and pop divas.

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