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February 23, 2007 • Fashion Shows

Now, Dolce and Gabbana aren’t exactly known for being subdued and traditional, but their latest collection was over-the-top (even for them).  However, in the midst of their fabulous fashion spectacle, there were a few pieces that were actually quite beautiful. 

Many of the looks were topped off with black patent or metal corsets, which served to cinch in the waist of everything from slick pantsuits to metallic cocktail dresses.  Although many of the looks were simply runway fantasies, some of the coats and little dresses, when stripped of the S&M style accessories, could be wearable.  Even the shoes fit the overall look, and the silver metallic pointy-toed pumps are bound to be coveted by the more shoe-obsessed among us.

Overall Impression: Yes, the collection reminded me of nothing more so than very high-end dominatrix gear, but Domenico and Stefano always put on a great show.

Dg_1   Dg_2

Dg_3_1 Dg_4

Dg_5_1 Dg_6

Dg_7 Dg_9

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