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February 26, 2007 • Shopping


Maxed out your credit cards, but need that Fendi bag? In a world of plastic money and ready credit, layaway was unheard of for Internet buying – until now. eLayaway may be the global

So what’s the deal?

Tallahassee-based dot-com just inked a deal with StoresOnLine, an
Internet company that supplies online sales services to individual
retail shops, which ultimately is expected to increase traffic to its
site by more than 4 million page views daily.

eLayaway makes it possible for people with no credit, credit limits or
who simply choose not to pay credit-card interest to make these
purchases. eLayaway also provides a solution for that
person who has plenty of money but doesn’t want pay the credit-carrying
charges. There is a large debt-management component to what we’re

Long ago retail stores both large and small started migrating away from
layaway, a dinosaur sales concept with roots in the Great Depression,
according to the National Retail Federation. The idea was this: You see
a product you want but cannot afford at the moment, so you set up a
payment plan. And, voila, once you’ve finished paying, you take your item home.

By selecting eLayaway at the point of checkout, you are shifted to a
screen that allows you to calculate when you want to make payments and
the size of those payments. It also lets you know when you will have
completed your purchase and can expect to receive the item.

Then you finish your purchase. You will notice that a 1.9 percent eLayaway fee is added (that’s $1.90 for every $100).


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  1. MSJeung890 says:

    I’ve always thought that layaway would be great for big fashion purchases. Sign me up!

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