Paris Fashion Week ’07. Viktor & Rolf Are Cruel To Models. Second City Style Fashion Blog

February 27, 2007 • Fashion Shows

Forget weight issues, this season is about model abuse! Viktor & Rolf, still obviously pissed about their line at H&M) took out their frustrations on the models by making them carry steel rigged structures on their backs in Dutch clogs yet! Have you ever worn those? Ouch. I can feel the splinters now.

Who actually noticed the clothes stretched out on the massive structures? Were they any good? Was this Viktor & Rolf’s plot all along? Well, it might have been a good thing that most marveled at the model’s abilities to get through the show with no obvious bodily harm and not the designs which were just okay. They looked not just odd, but out of proportion strung up on the season’s must have silver steel structure. Too bad, because the money from sales could help cover the chiropractor bills.




Photos: WireImage

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