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February 27, 2007 • Fashion Shows

Once again, John Galliano presented us with a collection of so-glamorous-it-hurts ensembles.  The candy-colored, heavily embroidered gowns, complicated hats, and high strappy platforms were quintessential Galliano for Dior.  There was lots of fur, plenty of satin, and even a few feathers in this 1940s Hollywood meets geisha girl collection. 

Most of the ultra-sophisticated looks on the runway weren’t exactly everyday clothes (unless you happen to be Dita Von Teese), but they were undoubtedly beautiful.  Galliano’s color palette of acid brights mixed with neutrals like camel, charcoal, and black was unusual but it worked, especially when it came to the evening looks.  Worn head to toe, these clothes could easily get into caricature territory, but mixed in with more modern pieces, they might work off the runway.   

Of course, the accessories – the items that actually have a chance to be worn by the general public – were just as extravagant as the clothes.  The colorful woven leather platform sandals and bags are bound to be popular (they would be great pops of color in an otherwise neutral outfit).  The feathered headpieces, however, are definitely best left on the runway, along with the heavy blackened eyebrows and huge false lashes.  However, the glossy lips and Veronica Lake hair are right on trend for fall. 

Galliano did what he does best – created a fantasy world full of incredible detail on the runway.  I will admit, however, I was a bit disappointed by the designer’s appearance – the black suit and beret were pretty tame compared his typical post-show costumes.   

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