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March 1, 2007 • Fashion Shows

Unlike her fabulous Parisian counterparts, Stella McCartney doesn’t need to put on a show or remind us of the "construct" of fashion and its mise en scene. Using both wit and craftsmanship she does what she does best– make clothing that’s cheeky and fun and worn with little effort. Instead, per usual, McCartney did something few designers can do: create clothing that will sell not because they are items and colors that we know and love but because she’s made us want something new and interesting.

McCartney’s charm lies in her ability to edit both her collection and each piece. Whether it’s her short-skirted suit ensembles, shimmering champagne dresses, or grey skinny pant emsembles she doesn’t overwhelm the eye but, rather, directs it. For example: Bright fushia dresses, jumpsuits and even a pullover hoodie were sent down the runway as blocks of color. Initially mesmerized, once the eye adjusted to the color it finds the detail within– it’s not competing with anything else. The excptions are pink shoes, which look smashing paired with her china white V-neck sweater that balances the short, shiny skirts that stays a couple inches above the knee– but these also accomplish quite a bit, as they deter the possibility of the light colors from fading into the long legs of the model. The pink shoes perk you up.. they startle you and bring your eyes back up to the top. Very smart and very stylish.. very Stella.

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