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March 1, 2007 • Fashion Shows

Luscious, jewel-like satin dresses and chic little black and white coats were on the menu at Christian Lacroix this season.  Many of the looks were bubbly but belted, creating a flattering hourglass figure.  As per usual at Lacroix, there was lots of brocade, ornate details, velvets, feathers, and fur. 

Perhaps there was too much fur, because at least one PETA protester clearly had a problem with the collection (note: plenty of other collections had a lot more fur, but maybe they had better security).  However, the show must go on, and the beauty of Lacroix’s work was more than enough to counteract the distraction. 

Some of the standouts were the plush black and white coats with ornate tooled belts.  The glittering brocade coats and girlish dresses were also classic Lacroix, as were the colorful ruffled dresses that hinted at 80s glam without being too costumey.  The odd-looking headpieces, however, are best left to the professionals on the catwalk.

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