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March 1, 2007 • Shopping




I’m due for a trip to Paris in the next couple of months but until then I am armed with my Mac and credit card– and according to NYT reporter Michelle Slatalla that’s all I need.

According to Slatella’s report here are some sites to hit for a quick fix of Parisian charm:

"At first this seemed like a good thing. I was happy to learn that some of the items I hadn’t bought in France are widely available online; it was comforting to know that I could easily order 11 different kinds of Labello lip balm — including orange, cherry and rose, my favorite flavor — from for a $2.99 apiece.

Similarly, many of the same beautiful jacquard tablecloths and napkins I’d fingered covetously on the top floor of Le Bon Marché department store can be bought online from stores like (which carries a wide variety of Le Jacquard Français and Garnier-Thiebut linens, and offers free shipping on orders of more than $150).

And as for the Petitcollin dolls that had looked so exotic to me when they were lined up in precise rows alongside wooden trains and brightly painted pull toys in Parisian toy shops? I found them for sale at a number of Web sites, including (where the Melting Pot set of four Bébés du Monde was $50) and (where the same item is $37).

In other words, if I can buy Karine Dupont handbags from by clicking a few buttons, why had I bothered to fly across an ocean for the privilege of wandering the Rue du Cherche-midi to peer into a Karine Dupont storefront and sigh longingly?"

For her the full story of her noslgia for the posh goods of Paris go to:

–Joanne Molina for Second City Style

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