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March 2, 2007 • Fashion Shows

Known for their feminine and discrete style (no rudeness and trashy reality TV stars apply), Akris didn’t take me too much by surprise with their architectural details that were somewhat subtle compared to their showy colleagues, but nevertheless thought-provoking in their own right.

While some of the details blended nicely into the season; shades of gray, bell sleeves and the use of the thick belt or belt-like detail to morph a tunic into shape or add texture to a magenta short-dress, what interested me was their necklines. Although one can see a plunging neckline every so often in the collection, what stood out was the crew necks and the very demure but sexy necklines that rose right under the lip. But don’t be mistaken. These aren’t turtlenecks (which I abhore) but rather small extensions on dresses, blouses, and jackets that offer a touch of mystery and elegance to keep them interesting and not in any way obscuring. 

Other elements include geometric details (mainly squares) that pop off of chunky knit sweaters and dresses that sport the same pattern on shiny, sheer fabric. Prints were foregone (with one exception) in favor of some layering with knits shirts and sweaters, as well as the use of cropped jackets.

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