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March 5, 2007 • Accessories


Clutches are all the rage and they are not going anywhere any time soon. If you are like me the trend alludes you, they never seem to hold all of my necessary crap stuff, even for night. I want to carry one, but I need a bag! During New York’s Fall Fashion Week last month, I met someone who convinced me I could have it all! If function is your junction, Poppie Harris has created the perfect solution. The warp speed in popularity fold-over, stuffable clutch. You’ll love the versatility of this day into night bag (just fold it over).

Each Poppie Couture bag is made with Italian leather, an antique pop frame at Redlamb_pop_1

the top for closure, and silk-lined in bright gorgeous colors . "A couture handbag to me is one that pays attention to detail and lining is a detail that should never be  overlooked. Lining to a bag is like beautiful lingerie to a couture outfit..it’s your own little secret that makes you feel more expensive," commented Poppie.

As you probably already figured out, most evening bags can’t hold a Tic Tac much less fit today’s essentials (cell phone/trio/blackberry, keys, lipgloss, compact, ID, credit card, er, camera)…and still look sleek. You can fold your Poppie Couture bag, scrunch it, jam it, and pack it flat for storage or travel. The best part is the selection and if you don’t like what you see…have one custom made.


Available in every color under the rainbow from metallic gold stingray to deep red leather to white lotus to black croc, the bags range from $350 to $650. Available now at Poppie Couture and Bergdorf’s.

Celebs who own/carry Poppie Couture: Jennifer Aniston, Naomi Watts, Nicole Kidman, Drew Barrymore, Deborah Messing and Sarah Jessica Parker to name just a few.

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