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March 5, 2007 • Fashion Shows

It’s not quite surreal but it’s definitely blown out of proportion. In fact, Valli’s collection muses on volume, scale and architecture while still maintaining a sense of femininity and grace. The most representative pieces of his collection this season were dresses and even a high-collared jacket that presented huge, exaggerated but structurally sound ruffles in both black and white. Graphic prints in black and white and some with splashes of yellow and red went down the same runway as billowing shiny yellow capes and masculine (albeit a bit oversized) suits paired with wide-brimmed hats that, again, made the ensemble emphasize structure. The somber tone was interrupted by moments of color used sparingly on vibrant platforms in red and yellow and his sparing use of patent leather. Once again, shoulders and bare arms were necessary for his story to work, as the revealed flesh worked beautifully with his playful embrace of curve and line.

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  1. Fendi says:

    Thanks for these photo collection.
    Some impressed me during Paris Fashion week 🙂

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