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March 5, 2007 • Fashion Shows

Marc Jacobs, now in his tenth year of designing for Louis Vuitton, said little about this collection except that it referenced Dutch painters and it was all about the accessories (hence the title, "Girl with a Monogram Handbag").  Clearly, he knows what drives the brand’s sales.  However, this collection has a lot more to offer than great bags (although there were plenty). 

The influence of the Dutch Masters was clear in the somber but vivid colors and fluid shapes – and in the slouchy berets.  It was fitting that the star of the current LV ad campaign and the film "Girl with a Pearl Earring" (named after the Vermeer painting), Scarlet Johansson, was sitting in the front row.

Besides the monogram bags, the models were accessorized with patent ankle boots in black, burgundy, and beige and chunky pumps in goldenrod yellow with black trim.  The overall feel of the collection was very painterly – the draped satin dresses were carefully constructed with layers of colors, much like an oil painting.  There was also tons of texture – patent leather, satin, chunky knits, and ostrich feathers, to name a few.  Even the bags were quilted or trimmed with shearling.  A series of tailored black and navy pieces cinched in with gold buckled belts rounded out a very wearable collection.

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