We’ve Been Robbed! Another Site is Stealing Our Content. Second City Style Fashion Blog

March 7, 2007 • Magazine


A site calling itself Women’s Wear is not only stealing WWD’s name, but they are stealing our content and traffic too! Yep, our posts are being feed right into this site verbatim in their entirety.

This would not be so offensive had they printed say, the first paragraph and then provided a link to our blog. However, they want to steal our traffic, so they print the entire entry and then link us as the original source. One never has to click here to read our material.

Why is this wrong you may be thinking? Well, they are earning income from Google AdSense which pays publishers (not thieves supposedly) by funneling traffic to the ads Google places on their site. However, not for stolen material (it has been reported).

It would appear that this blog is the one Women’s Wear feeds from the most. Sadly, if we manage to extricate ourselves from these scam artists without having to take legal action, I’m sure they will just move on to another unsuspecting fashion blog.

However, won’t it be funny to see this post hosted, in it’s entirety on their site?

Leave them feedback and tell them how much they suck! (Oh, they support porn too). Email Sabastiano at sovsem@nevest.net. I’m not providing a link because they already get enough of our traffic.

P.S. Thanks to the person who brought this to our attention. We owe ya!

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4 Responses to We’ve Been Robbed! Another Site is Stealing Our Content. Second City Style Fashion Blog

  1. Hey Lauren, this piece isn’t up yet. Say, how come you didn’t say it was me who was the tattle-tale? I don’t mind. Btw, this jerk’s name is Vadim.
    I check his site every couple months to see who’s he’s ripping off now. He used to have my content which is why he’s on my s*list.

  2. I’m sorry to hear about this, I know well how frustrating it is. If there is anything that I can do to help, please let me know.
    If you can email me the information on the site, I can probably help you shut them down.

  3. aherley says:

    I know this is an annoying situation for you, but I have to raise the point: How is this different from you taking stories from WWD and reprinting them on your blog? Or taking photos from Getty and other sources and posting them on your site (unless you are paying the hefty licensing fees for them)? I’m not saying that the aggregator site is playing fair, but you do the same thing almost every day.

  4. Joanne Molina says:

    Every article or press release that gets summarized, mentioned or cited on the site has a *link* to the original site and credits the blog/author or company. The point is to mention the work and then send them to the source (see: for full story go to: at the end of these kinds of posts). If there are cases when this wasn’t the case then it was a mistake and we will correct immediately. As for the Getty photos– bought and paid dearly for, baby. The only time we use a Style.com photo is for a runway shot from a season long past. The fashion shows we covered for Fall ’07…all legit and paid for.

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