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March 8, 2007 • Fashion

I am counting the days until I see The Police perform in New York August 4. With all of these reunion tours of bands I actually care to see it got me thinking. Music played an essential role in my sense of style (which I thought at the time was fantastic but photographic evidence proves otherwise). My mother and Madonna. That made for some interesting outfit combinations to say the least.

It seems like yesterday I was writing "Mrs. Stewart Copland" on every book I owned (I had a thing for drummers). I never liked the lead or expected guy. Let’s take a look at then and now of some of my favorite bands from my ahem.very young years shall we?

Awe. Andy Sommers, Sting & Stewart Copeland of The Police. I wasn’t allowed to see them in concert…way back then.


Here they are today. Sting looks fab. I still have a thing for Stewart, especially after seeing him bang those drums at the Grammy’s.


Looking out a dirty old window at this picture of Kim Wilde, I remember singing "We’re the Kids in America" in the shower. Her skin tight lycra pants were something I could never wear, thankfully. She was quite enviably smokin’. Today?


Dang. This one hurts.


Ah, Genesis. There must be some misunderstanding. These guys had nowhere to go but up, because let’s face it, they were never lookers. Hopefully they can turn it on again for their just announced reunion tour.


Phil Collins, Tony Banks and Mike Rutherford of Genesis


‘Die young stay pretty.’ Better than Madonna by yards, was Debbie Harry. She was the sh*t. She influenced the way I dressed more than any one musician. Sure, she didn’t eat and was strung out, but she was cool! Rapture.


Here she is in more recent years and while she ain’t exactly bone thin, I still love her.

Speaking of Madonna

I owned this jacket. I swear I found one just like it at some second hand store. Wore it for a year straight too. She seemed pretty cool in her Desperately Seeking Susan days. A zillion rubber bracelets (check), black lace fingerless gloves (check), leggings under mini skirts with bug killer pointy toed pumps (check, but I couldn’t walk in them), a scarf for your hair tied in a big bow (check), one black kohl eyeliner a week (check), a cross to wear in one ear…not so much. But, you could dance for inspiration.


Here is Madonna at one of last week’s Oscar parties. She is by far the most bangin’ 80’s/90’s pop star of all time. However, now she scares me. She looks like she would kick your ass if you looked at her sideways. It’s good to be the Queen.

It’s also good to be a little older and little fashion…wiser.

– Lauren Dimet

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