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March 14, 2007 • Fashion


Julie Ghatan for Second City Style Magazine

I know that you needn’t be reminded that the 1960s were a very progressive time. No, you didn’t forget the innovations in technology (space landing). Or the new sounds (British invasion). Or even liberation brought on by second-wave feminists. Yes, these remain fresh and clear in your mind whether you witnessed the transformations first-hand or through documentaries and history books. What you might not remember so much is the impact these times had on fashion, and that the styles that are so familiar today were once new and, in some cases, shocking and scandalous.

1. Though Mary Quant did not invent the mini per se, she is the one credited for making this new style famous. After experimenting with short skirts in the 1950s, she unleashed her definitive mini in 1965 and the fashion world took notice. Read more here

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