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March 21, 2007 • Fashion

Vera Wang Fall ’07

"Slow down, you move too fast…" According to WWD, mere weeks since designers showed their fall collections, runway trends
are turning up in better collections. This is even faster than usual.

savvy customer is catching up to the designer and contemporary
customer in the race to trends. The reasons are simple: fashion from
the shows is broadcast in real time on the Internet and is getting more
and more attention from mainstream television, in addition to weekly
celebrity-driven magazines as well as general interest newspapers. And,
of course, there are the stores that specialize in fast-fashion.

"Forget the ‘trickle down’ time from runway to the store," said consultant Robin Lewis. "It’s Niagara Falls." Gone are the days when the runway took a full year to trickle into the stores.

Additionally, the new breed of fast-fashion
specialty stores are "forcing our hands to be much faster and
speedier," said Ellen Dawson, executive vice president of the better
knit vendor August Silk.

better department store customer is behind the contemporary customer as
far as trend acceptance. For example, the straight leg jeans took a while to catch on in the mainstream.

Donner, president of WD-NY, a trend-chasing better business, said while
the better customer accepts some trends almost immediately (like
jumpers, cropped jackets, chunky sweaters and skinny pants for fall),
some looks still take six months to a year. WD-NY posted a billboard
last spring with its kimono sleeve look, and Donner said the customer
is just now buying it in mass for spring. The WD-NY customer has also
finally embraced the skinny jean, after about nine months on the floor.

"You have to be careful with trends," Donner said. "You still can’t give her too much too fast."

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