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March 22, 2007 • Shopping


Soon the days when you have to wait for a sales associate to locate (and then actually call you) that dress you just must have will be gone. Nordstrom is trying a new way to satisfy customers…automating that service by adding RSS, or Really Simple Syndication, feeds to its Web site.

Generally used for news media, RSS feeds are unusual for an apparel retailer to
offer. By subscribing to a feed, a customer can automatically find out
when new items of interest are posted on a site. It’s a handy way to
scour many Web sites at once for a certain subject. In this case, the
shopper would automatically be alerted when a new product she is
interested in is added to the Nordstrom online store.

other retail sites follow, it would be possible for a shopper to
immediately be notified whenever a shipment of a quick-to-sell-out
brand or item arrives in her favorite Web stores without having to
remember to check each site regularly.

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