To Want What You Can Not Have

March 24, 2007 • Magazine

To Want What You Can Not Have

To Want What You Can Not Have

Sat, 2007-03-24 11:00

Andra Naylor

Call it greedy, call it a sin, but I want everything I see for spring. Maybe it’s that time of year – when you absolutely can’t stand to pull on that black turtleneck one more time – or maybe it’s a testament to the fresh, wearable collections designers put forth this season, but whatever it is – I want everything, and I mean everything, I see for spring.

I covet the dresses I see in my Harper’s Bazaar, want to strip bare the mannequins in the windows of Club Monaco and almost stole a pair of signature Tory Burch flats off a passer by’s feet. I want tank tops. Lots of them. Long and tissue thin. And I want to layer them: breezy, sheer ones over form-fitting ribbed ones. I want bangs. Long ones that start from the top of my head and brush my eyelashes. Like Irina Lazareanu’s, model extraordinaire. I want the graphic clutches she carried at the Fendi show. I want anything graphical…

Luckily, I’ve found a cure to this wantonly behavior: I’ve begun creating wish lists on any website that offers one. It seems to help me calm down. Even if no one else sees it, even if my springtime Santa Claus will never fill my stocking, I feel better.

For anyone else that may have the sneaking suspicion that they have um, a problem, I encourage you to engage in this therapeutic action.

Now for my real catharsis – a selection of top picks across all my wish lists:

1. At, I filled my shopping bag with dare-to-wear short shorts and a lot of versatile tanks and tees.

2. I added Ya-Ya’s ultimate trench coat to my wish list at

3. In my Barneys Bag I tossed a delicious Marc by Marc Jacobs patent pump in lemon.

4. The fun thing about a wish list is that you can fill it with completely unrealistic items like $1,000+ handbags or a sweet puppy from (I know it’s the doggy vest that’s actually for sale, but it’s my shopping bag and I can put what I want in it.)

5. At, I stocked up on bikinis like Diane von Furstenberg’s zebra print swimsuit. Who cares if I’d never wear something so itsy bitsy?

6. A Common Thread Cowl Neck Sweater in “bloom� made the next line item on my wish list at

7. And finally, the ultimate website for fashion rehab,, offers the option to create your own lookbook and fill the pages with ready-to-wear and couture straight from the runway. Valentino’s look #30 from his couture collection is especially calming. It says a lot of things, but mainly to me it means, be optimistic because spring is finally here.

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