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March 28, 2007 • Shopping

According to today’s WWD, Diane
von Furstenberg Studio filed a copyright infringement lawsuit against
Forever 21 Retail Inc. late last week in Manhattan federal court.
According to legal documents obtained Tuesday, the company alleged
Forever 21 has sold dresses that infringe on its Cerisier and Aubrey

"Without authorization or license from DVF, Forever
21 has produced and is marketing, advertising, distributing, offering
for sale and selling dresses nearly identical to DVF’s Cerisier and
Aubrey dresses that bear print designs identical to the DVF
copyrights," according to legal papers. The complaint goes on to allege
that Forever 21’s merchandise copied the exact scale and color for each
design and that the infringement was willful.

Let’s take a look shall we?

Dvf_cerisier_2 Diane1_2

The dress on the left is the real DVF Cerisier Shift Dress available for $325. The one on the right is Forever21’s Silk Sabrina Dress for $32.80. Pretty blatant, right?

Dvf_aubrey_2 Diane2

The dress on the left is a real DVF Aubrey, but it is from Spring ’05 so I could only find it on Ebay. The dress on the right is Forever21’s Pinecone Dress for $24.80.

The best part? Both dresses are right next to one another on Forever21’s website! Open and shut case one would think.

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