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March 30, 2007 • Celebrity Style


Well, guess who got a letter yesterday from Steve & Barry to take down the photos of SJP’s ‘designer’ line, Bitten? You guessed it! Second City Style got bit by their counsel. See: Steve & Barry’s vs. the Fashion Blogosphere by Fashiontribes

So, we will replace the actual pictures of
SJP’s line because we have no time for this nonsense. We did not leak the photos. However, rest assured, we will re-post them as soon as they are ‘made public’ (officially released).

However this brings up a good point. 1. PR companies love publicity unless it is less then favorable. Sorry, but the line is very unimpressive. 2. SJP is adorable and usually looks great, but let’s face it, she had a stylist dress her for ‘Sex in the City.’ This Hollywood actress/socialite-turned-designer trend is getting out of hand. Leave the designing to the professionals and go back to acting or socializing, OK? Cut an album or something.

See the partial letter below:

Steve & Barry’s® has discovered that images of the BittenTM collection, which have not been authorized for public release, have been posted to your website and forum "" We are very concerned about this unauthorized release, and would appreciate if you removed these images immediately from, and any other site that you or your company may operate. We ask you, as the Editor-in-Chief of Second City Style to handle this matter with discretion and confidentiality; and send an email confirmation that you have complied with the above requests.

Steve & Barry’s® wishes to resolve these matters amicably, and without having to resort to litigation.  We appreciate your speedy attention to this matter. 

Your timely and anticipated cooperation is greatly appreciated.

You’re welcome.  "Fashion is Not a Luxury…It’s a Right."

– Lauren Dimet

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