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March 30, 2007 • Shopping


For 10 years this chic shop has attracted the best of the best.. people, products, artists and creators of all kinds. Known for its eclectic and sometimes very small, amusing luxuries it’s grace and charm lies in its incredible ability to edit its wares. Displays don’t attempt to mimic the art that surrounds it and lable whores beware, while treasure-seekers can find some of the most distinguished signature on linings and tags, this is not the place for head-to-toe Louis-lovers.
But don’t take my word for it. The IHT’s Suzy Menkes gives this sworn shop the accolades it deserves.
By Suzy Menkes
PARIS: She’s 10 years old, addicted to MySpace, where she posts pictures of her fat pink birthday cakes and creates tongue-in-cheek competitors for "Miss MySpace." There are Kate Moss and "Cake Moss." And a four-legged friend called Oscar, who listens to Snoop Dogg and can’t decide whether today’s canine collar should be by Chanel, Chrome Hearts, Goyard or Hermès.
Fans of Colette will recognize her immediately as the coolest store in town. Her home is Paris, where the hip shop opened 10 years ago on the Rue St.-Honoré and celebrated its first decade last week. Naturally, Miss Cool Colette (who holds dance classes on Mondays and creates music compilations), put on a sumptuous fête, followed by hot party at La Scala club.
Behind Colette are Sarah Lerfel and her mother, Colette Roussaux, for whom the store is named. The policy is simple: Always be new, fresh, surprising – and streets ahead of the rest.
"I never have time to think and reflect – it is always about advancing, moving ahead," says Sarah, as she is known. "Thanks to the designers and the choice we make, it has become an address to visit. But it is hard to analyze."
The two words that sum up the three-level store – and especially the main floor with its gadgets, gismos, metallic jewelry and techno accessories – are "eclectic" and "selective." The choice is precise and distinctive and you can tell that the objects have been chosen with a rush of blood to the heart.
Even if the fashion floor upstairs has famous brands, like Lanvin or Prada, rather than just edgy unknowns like Broken Label, with its disturbing childlike prints, the way that the famous collections are bought makes them seem different.
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–Joanne Molina for Second City Style

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