Shop Cops – New York

April 1, 2007 • Magazine

Shop Cops - New York

Sun, 2007-04-01 10:00

Second City Style took the show on the road. Even though the Big Apple is the fashion capital of the U.S., not everyone got the memo. Admittedly, spring weather can be tricky to navigate. Your best bet is to layer. Just avoid six of the following.

Disclaimer: This section is not for the humorless. It is not meant to be offensive. Please take it in the manner for which it is intended or express your democratic freedom by not looking.
Caught In a Trap, Can’t Walk Out
Because I love my floods (loafers, big sweater and ugly scarf) too much, baby.
In Short, You Goofed.
We may have been able to overlook this had it been a Saturday morning, cold and the possibility she was on her way to the gym. However, it was lunchtime on a weekday. Shorts with Uggs…hmmm, not so much.
L.A. Wanna Be a Few Years Ago
“Oh my God! My thong is starting to creep! It’s 65 degrees and I must wear my Uggs to keep my feet warm although I’m freezing in this little top.”

Matchy-Matchy No Fitty-Fitty
I don’t think she was a call girl, but can’t be sure. The Dean & Deluca bag threw me.

Pulled Together
This woman had a definite style all her own. It worked. From the hair, to the shades, to the coat to the shoes (and bag which you can’t see). It worked well together.

I Love My Floral Spring Coat So Much…
I must wear it now. Even though the rest of my outfit screams winter. Either dress for winter or spring, but not both at the same time. At least not this way. Try layering.

What Part of The 90’s Was So Great?
The hair! Especially when it’s magenta. If you want to be noticed, there are better ways to do it. Like dressing well. Trust me, carry a great handbag, wear hot shoes and don a fantastic coat and you will be noticed. (See right).

Case in Point
I noticed this woman from a block away. She looked fantastic. Perfectly styled wool coat and Manolo Blahnik Mary Janes…hot! Well played.
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