Bottoming Out the Mini Dress

April 15, 2007 • Magazine

Bottoming Out the Mini Dress

Bottoming Out the Mini Dress

Sun, 2007-04-15 08:00

Rachel Yeomans

With a new season just around the corner, people everywhere anxiously await news on upcoming fashions and styles that will properly accessorize the new quarter of the calendar year. One of the primary trends that we’ve seen carried through each recent season has been the art of layering. Layering can be a tricky skill to master. But with the right pieces, it can hold up to be the savviest style of the season.

The key piece to layering during this time of year doesn’t come from the runways in Paris or Milan, but rather from our very own “maniacsâ€? of the ‘80s. The long shirt sported in the likes of Flashdance and Sixteen Candles has transcended and evolved into the spring staple of the mini-dress. However instead of just offering shapeless lengths of fabric leaving you to the aide of belts and blazers to add shape, today’s version comes in so many form-flattering styles and fabrics that the act of layering with the mini-dress has turned into an option, not a necessity.

One important thing to remember about the mini-dress before running out to grab the next one that catches your eye, is that it can be the one item to make or break your outfit. When looking for that key piece to your fashion ensemble, keep in mind the entire wardrobe. What will you wear with the mini-dress? Will you wear it with jeans and a belt with a jacket? Or will you wear it with flats and leggings, or with printed nylons and platforms? Figure out the quantity and styles of layers that will be involved in your look, and you’ll be able to pick your pieces with a sharper eye.

Also keep in mind when picking a mini-dress, it’s not about finding the right one, it’s about avoiding the wrong one. The mini-dress holds true to its name. It is supposed to be mini, as in far above the knee. Any dress that stretches below the knee should never be accompanied with jeans or pants — only by leggings or stockings. Yet that doesn’t mean you should be afraid to bare some leg in the mini-dress. The item can easily be worn without leg coverings in the warmer weather. Just remember to accompany it with a fantastic pair of pumps and maybe a shrug or spring jacket, and you can strut the look right into spring.

Finally, make sure to experiment. You already have the basis of the outfit—now have some fun with accessorizing! Try on some jackets or sweaters, cinch a belt, wrap up some pearls, or slip on some sandals. The mini-dress might be the look of the spring, but be truly fashionable this season by making it a look all your own.

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