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April 25, 2007 • Fashion


Wow, even personal shopping has gone online! If you can’t master your own style or need help pulling together the perfect outfit to make all your former classmates seethe at your reunion and you don’t feel like spending a full day with a personal shopper (although I still think you should consider it), LivePerson Inc. to the rescue!

LivePerson Inc., which provides chat services for online retailers and service providers like banks and mobile phone companies, conducting a beta on a service that provides shopping disasters and/or avoiders with expert shoppers to guide them through the retail maze.

At, consumers can choose among several presumably more well-informed consumers to provide product suggestions in such areas as apparel, accessories, gifts, home furnishings, wine (yeah, wine!) and cosmetics.

According to Internet Retailer, LivePerson handles 4.5 million chats a month and about 25% of those chats lead to purchases, he says.

During this test phase and until the company figures out how to charge for the service, it’s free! The personal shoppers at can recommend any retailer however, during the test phase, only a few of the several personal shoppers on the site are available at any given time. (When an Internet Retailer reporter tried out the service he was prompted to enter his question on a form. He asked for suggestions on a gift for his wife and received an e-mail response a few hours later. The personal shopper, Emily, provided links to three retail sites:, which is not a LivePerson client, and and, which are).

The shopping site should be ready for a full-scale launch in three months.


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  1. Mike says:

    Most Lord & Taylor stores have a personal shopper on staff – and it’s a free service!

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