Bonnie’s Mother’s Day Tribute: A Mother’s Fashion Sense

May 4, 2007 • Magazine

Bonnie's Mother's Day Tribute: A Mother's Fashion Sense

Bonnie's Mother's Day Tribute: A Mother's Fashion Sense

Fri, 2007-05-04 10:00

Bonnie Brown

It’s true. Every woman eventually becomes their mother. The transformation doesn’t occur over night, it comes on gradually. First you find yourself telling people they look “smartâ€? when you’re talking about their outfit and not their brains (just like mom does;) then you’re forgetting where you parked the car and before you know it you truly are your mother’s daughter.

While my vocabulary is still my own (though who knows for how long,) one trait I never thought I would pick up from my mother is her sense of fashion. Growing up she was never really concerned about the clothes she wore, always claiming she was a mother of seven children and she had a lot more on her mind than clothes and the latest fashions. She did enjoy, however, telling me and my younger sister of all the clothes she used to wear when she was younger, and I loved to hear her recount the dozens of poodle skirts and sweater sets and saddle shoes she wore. Everything seemed so darn cute to hear her talk of them I would often flip through old photo albums looking for a younger more stylish version of my mother.

Now that all of her seven children are grown-up and she doesn’t have to worry about us any more (though she still does) I find my mother buying more outfits and becoming much more consciences of what she’s wearing, so much so I heard my father ask her (probably for the first time in my life) “Is that another new outfit!?â€? It’s amazing the sacrifices mothers make and so unselfishly, to give up a favorite hobby or pastime for the sake of a child is truly a sign of a wonderful and caring person.

While my mother has only just recently been getting back in fashion she has always been quite the shopper and I have also taken on this trait as well, with great pleasure I might add. My mother’s motto for shopping is simple: “If you like it, buy it.â€? or “You get what you pay for.â€? I love shopping with my mom!

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