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July 3, 2007 • Fashion

Roberta di Camerino Large Vintage Velvet Bagonghi
$2,650.00 at Barneys
The fall forecast calls for lots of dark patent leather but when perusing Barney’s mainfloor I came across a pearl in the summer sea of metallics and shiny standbys: Roberta di Camerino’s large vintage velvet bagonghi. And although it’s not decked out in snakeskin or stealing the show with an outrageous hue, it has a charm that echoes back to the days of American Deco. A formidable clasp, shapely but structured handle that compliment the compacted size of an honest-to-goodness ladies’ bag. The vintage velvet adds the air of a compelling story and makes us wonder what lies underneath the lipstick and dainty white gloves.– Joanne Molina, Senior Editor
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