There’s Nothing Like an Original

July 8, 2007 • Magazine

There's Nothing Like an Original

There's Nothing Like an Original

Sat, 2007-07-07 10:00

Julie Ghatan

It may be the middle of summer but I still find myself hoping to score another pair of sunglasses. With vintage-styled and oversized sunglasses saturating the modern market, it’s becoming increasingly difficult to don a pair of unique glasses. Despite the plethora of vintage reproduction frames, I urge the truly fashion conscious to go straight to the source because anyone with an eye for detail can decipher fact from fiction, faux from fo’ real.

Though most vintage-inspired frames may be shockingly convincing, they often lack the subtle features their muses carried: delicate gradients in shade, detailed hinges, playfulness in shape. It’s as if today’s frames are toned-down versions of those developed in the past, bringing with them only the most generally appealing attributes and leaving those charmingly awkward deviances — the ones that give an item character — behind.

All sunglasses pictured are from
1. Oversized, Christian Dior, c. 1970, $200
2. Classic, Christian LaCroix, c. 1980, $105
3. Sporty, Persol, c. 1980, $333
4. Detailed Hinge, Cazal, c. 1980, $105
5. Geometric, Pierre Cardin, $132
6. Eccentric, Silhouette, c. 1970, $668

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