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July 12, 2007 • Fashion

And now we have the bad and criminally insane…

The Bad:


Initially I thought she was good, until I noticed the matching earrings. However, I love that Italian women are not afraid of color.


Here is that dreaded boots with shorts look!

And again! Notice the bag and dog accessories.


Here are the boots again with a dress. She would have been so good had she worn shoes.


There was a lot of head-to-toe yellow, orange and neon-blue.

The Criminally Insane:




It’s the Eye of the Tiger…and a floral bag?


I don’t want to suggest these people were insane, just possibly criminal. The third person (the one you can’t see) was previously sitting on the curb doling money to the other two from a huge wad of cash. They ran around shopping like they were going to the electric chair. Was I jealous? Hell ya. However, you normally don’t see people without a limo running around with 20+ bags from Prada, Valentino, Moschino, etc. So if the authorities would like more pictures…I have them.

– Lauren Dimet Waters, Editor-in-Chief

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