The Hair Cover-Up: From Tacky Has-Been to Fashion Staple

July 29, 2007 • Magazine

The Hair Cover-Up: From Tacky Has-Been to Fashion Staple

The Hair Cover-Up: From Tacky Has-Been to Fashion Staple

Sun, 2007-07-29 08:00

Rachel Yeomans

I remember when headbands were part of the same fashion cliché as scrunchies, and scarves used for hair maintenance were only chic when worn in red convertibles. Thinking back, the only times I wore a wrap around my head was in college during bad hair days or times when washing my hair just didn’t fit into my class schedule.

Looking around now, hairwear is everywhere! With the fashionable variety of hair accessories I’ve seen donned on my fellow lock-conscious females, I immediately retrieved all those head scarves left over from my college days. Yet following the hair-wear trend, follows the retail availability. Not to mention the style variety. You can now find headbands, scarves and even scarves molded to headbands, in every style and color from stores such as Saks Fifth Avenue to Forever21.

And let’s not forget the embellishments. There are headbands adorned with rhinestones, flowers, and even buckles. You can find three skinny bands molded as one, or bands manufactured from materials other than the original headache-inducing plastic, such as leather and cloth. Hair accessories have moved from shielding hair from splattering paint to providing the finishing touch of an outfit or adding the chic to your skirt suit.

Of course, trends don’t materialize without a little inspiration. The scarf has been in vogue ever since Hermes said the word in the 1928. The piece of silk woven from 250 mulberry moth cocoons, will forever be included in the fashion category that never goes out of style. Luckily for those who can’t spend over $200 on such an item, the current trend created from the classic look brings Hermes admirers a hair toss closer to the silk staple, for a fraction of the cost.

From classic style to current trend, another location adorned with headbands is none other than your local workout facility. It’s not just about the Nike sweatband anymore. Lululemon, the Chanel of fashionable workout-wear, sells not only cooling and sweat-absorbing headbands and head wraps, but fashionable ones as well. Lucy, another workout apparel and accessory line, also offers hair accessories for the health-conscious.

So whether you are going to work, venturing out on your next shopping trip, or prepping for your next Pilates class, you now have another accessory available to you to add some pep to your daily routine — conveying style during any type of hair-day.

1. Ficcare Side Cross Crystal Headband Nordstrom

2. Metallic Side Bow Headband Forever21

3. Wide Feather Headband Urban Outfitters

4. Jennifer Behr Leather Turban Headwrap Saks Fifth Avenue

5. Houndstooth Headband Forever21

6. Hermes Yellow Geometric Chiffon Scarf Bluefly

7. Xhilaration Head Scarf Target

8. Stacey Lapidus Crystal Silk Headband Nordstrom

9. Lululemon Athletica Dance Headbands Lululemon

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