Seduced By Subtlety: Berlin Fashion Week Spring ‘08. Second City Style Fashion Blog

July 31, 2007 • Fashion Shows


Joanne Molina, Senior Editor – Second City Style Magazine

Just in case you think Berlin is all about the shadowy corners of
cabaret’s and filled with the haunting wails of Kurt Weill’s
contemporary idolaters you should take a peek at what came down the runway at Berlin Fashion Week. Like the city itself, designers found pleasure in the rigor of substance and an occasional lapse into a frenzy of frivolity.   

Smeilinener’s Psychedelic Spring.
Mischa, Mischa quite contrary, how does your garden grow? Tended by
none other than a musing rendition of a contemporary jester, Mischa Woeste’s fantastic garden of earthly delights
has just the right combination of soulful and silly. Clad in
jewel-toned hues that merrily extended from head-to-toe models couldn’t
help by smile as they partook in Woeste’s runway fete. Read more here

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