Don’t Sell Yourself (Too) Short

August 12, 2007 • Magazine

Don't Sell Yourself (Too) Short

Don't Sell Yourself (Too) Short

Sun, 2007-08-12 11:00

Jacqueline Zenn

Skirts and dresses have been getting shorter by the season, and although you might think that the fact that fall is just around the corner would mean hemlines are lowering, think again. There are just as many ultra short minis on the racks of our favorite retailers (and on the pages of our beloved e-tailers). But what if you’ve fallen for a dress that’s oh-so-short, but you don’t want to show miles of leg?

There are quite a few options for those of us who don’t want our minis to be quite so mini, especially once the weather cools down. Tights and leggings are the first thing that comes to mind – a pair of black opaque tights can do wonders for your gams, especially when worn with heels. Pick up a few pairs of Donna Karan tights and you’ll be set for the season – these are some of the softest, most comfortable tights on the planet. You could also wear boots for more coverage (boots that hit right below the knee tend to be the most leg-lengthening because they don’t break the curve of the calf).

However, autumn’s cool temperatures are at least a month away, here’s a few more options. Consider wearing dresses that are too short to stand alone as tops over shorts and or other skirts. Clearly, this is tricky to pull off, but it’s definitely possible if the pieces work together – think dressy shorts with a more voluminous, airy dress. For instance, this deep blue Rebecca Taylor shirtdress would perfect worn over these Theory shorts. Bermudas or other tailored styles could work as well if you want more coverage.

A simple skirt can also be worn under a long tunic/dress to excellent effect (this is a good solution for those pieces that can be either a top or a dress) because it won’t affect the line or silhouette of the dress. In this case, it’s usually best to stick with a straight silhouette in a fabric that’s similar to the dress. One way to do it would be pairing this charcoal Neal Sperling dress with a sleek skirt, like this one by Cynthia Steffe. After all, you don’t want the skirt to compete – the point of this look is to have the dress be the star.

One last point – if you question whether or not something is too short for you to pull off, or whether it is supposed to be worn as a top or a dress, it’s probably better to wear it as a top – you’ll feel much more comfortable and confident that way. And confidence is one thing that’s perpetually stylish.

Pictured top to bottom
Donna Karan Tights

Rebecca Taylor Shirtdress

Theory Shorts

Neal Sperling Dress

Cynthia Steffe Skirt

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