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August 26, 2007 • Magazine

Buff Body

Buff Body

Sun, 2007-08-26 12:00

Natayle Henry

Summer is quickly winding down and the crisp cool air of fall, and later winter, will be nipping at your nose. Albeit a reprieve from the sweltering heat, the cool air can be treacherous to your skin and most specifically your body. The body is one of the most overlooked areas when it comes to skincare. A mere shower with a shower puff and shower gel may not be enough to get soft, glowing skin. Let’s face it, your body needs just as much attention as your face. Cleansing, moisturizing and exfoliating are key to achieving healthy skin. With the proper regime, glowing skin is only a treatment away.

Olay Ribbons Body Wash $3.99 10 oz.
Infused with three types of moisturizer, this body wash not only cleanses, but leaves the skin soft and supple. With three different formulas (comprised with three levels of moisturizers) you have the option of light to heavy moisture.

Philosophy $16
A delectable line of flavored body washes, the Philosophy 3 in 1 shower gel, bubble bath and shampoo cleanses skin while leaving your skin smelling like your favorite scent!

La Mer Body Créme $195
The La Mer Body Créme is worth the splurge! It quickly absorbs into skin leaving it dewy and fresh.

Olay Body Age Transform Body Créme Serum $9.99
Noticing a change in your skin as you get older? Olay Age Transform Body Creme Serum is ideal for skin that has begun to show signs of aging. Jam-packed with antioxidants like Vitamin C, grape seed extracts and green tea, this cream is sure reveal smooth, even-toned skin with continued use.

Johnson and Johnson Baby Cream 24 hour Moisture $ 3.99
This yummy scent will remind you of one of life’s most cherished times. This amazing cream truly keeps skin soft and moisturized all day.

At Home Dermabrasions and Scrubs
Origins Modern Friction for the Body $38
This exfoliator smoothes roughest areas efficiently and effectively by sloughing away dead skin cells to reveal luminous skin!

Carey Co. Ingredients $40
A 100% natural blend of essential oils, spices, herbs and salts that not only exposes the under-layers of new skin, but provides long-lasting moisture. The aromatic scents are intoxicating and inviting!

Benefit Bionic Blast $22
Combat body acne with this powerful blend of gentle exfoliating beads and salicylic acid. This weekly treatment not only treats existing blemishes, but helps to prevent future breakouts!

Oils and Bronzers
Nars Body Glow Sei $98
The Body Glow set contains the two celebrity adored oils by Nars that contains the Both ultimate natural skin elixir, Monoï de Tahiti oil. The lightweight formulas quenches the skin leaving it healthy, soft and glowing. The original Body Glow is infused with a vanilla essence and chocolate shimmer which gives skin an intense glow year round, while the Monoï Body Glow II is a transparent oil ideal for daily moisturizing. Both are great post home dermabrasions!

Shopping Guide
1. Olay Ribbons Body Wash available at drugstores and retailers nationwide.
2. Philosophy sephora.com
3. La Mer Body Créme cremedelamer.com
4. Olay Body Age Transform Body Créme Serum available at drugstores and retailers nationwide.
5. Johnson and Johnson Baby Cream 24 Hour Moisture available at drugstores and retailers nationwide.
6. Origins Modern Friction for the Body origins.com
7. Carey Co. Ingredients careyingredients.com
8. Benefit Bionic Blast benefitcosmetics.com
9. Nars Body Oils sephora.com

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