Second City Style at New York Fashion Week

September 2, 2007 • Magazine

Second City Style at New York Fashion Week

Second City Style at New York Fashion Week

Sun, 2007-09-02 16:00

Lauren Dimet Waters

Spring has sprung! At least in New York. Even though Labor Day has just passed, it’s time to think spring apparel with Fashion Week Spring ’08 commencing Wednesday, September 5.

Check THE BLOG regularly September 5 – September 13 as we will be posting throughout the day. Look for up-to-the-minute coverage, runway photos, reviews and photo opportunities. Carol, Andra and Simona will be joining me this season. Everyone who knows me can tell you, I am a fall fashion person so am I looking forward to these shows? Moderately. So, expect us to shake it up a bit.

Back to the plan at hand…While I look at my closet exasperated by what to wear when it is still summer hot, technically the fall fashion season, about to view spring/summer lines and trends for NEXT summer and it got me thinking…what lessons did I learn from attending Fall Fashion Week last February?

1. Try to plan your wardrobe
As much as I’d like to say I did this last February, I slacked-off the last two days and found myself scrambling to pull together an acceptable outfit. Needless to say, I hated what I wore. The hot temperatures are sure to throw me for a loop again this time. So I have back-up outfits. I’ll have no time to scurry.

1. Bring a wireless laptop and a back-up battery
Bryant Park is totally wired so you can even check your email from your seat before the show begins. However, finding a wall jack is not always easy.

2. Wear comfortable shoes or at least keep a pair in your bag
This seems like a no-brainer but as every fashionista knows…hot looking and comfortable shoes are an oxymoron so you are best off having flats in your bag. Standing on your feet all day and running between shows will catch up with you. Hobbling and wincing are not attractive looks.

3. Bring healthy snacks
There are free cappuccino’s galore, but when you get hungry a tiny biscotti will not do. Nor will an overpriced, high caloric sandwich.

4. Have cab fare
Not all the shows take place under the tents and unless you are the Bionic Women, you will never make it to your next show on time if you take the subway.

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Runway photos:

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