Indian Summer: Dressing for the Between-Season

September 16, 2007 • Magazine

Indian Summer: Dressing for the Between-Season

Indian Summer: Dressing for the Between-Season

Sun, 2007-09-16 06:00

Rachel Yeomans

Here we find ourselves in mid-September — the sun is setting earlier, children are sharpening their brand new pencils for the upcoming school days, and there’s a crisp chill in the air enticing a craving for hot cider and wood-burning fires. Ladies, welcome to “Indian Summerâ€?!

Now is that wonderful in-between season squeezed for several weeks between summer and fall. Unfortunately, it is also the most fashion-confused season of the entire year. We are not quite ready to dress for fall with the bright sun and the still-green foliage, but we discover that those summer dresses will just not suffice in covering our goose bumps when we step outside in the mid-60 degree temperature.

The key to dressing for the between-seasons is, in fact, to work with both of them. Don’t pack away your summer attire quite yet, but start unwrapping your fall essentials. With some mixing and matching, you can create your very own wardrobe for braving this six-week spell.

Now before you go outside, remember to gauge the temperature. Indian summer is a fickle season — it is freezing as soon as you leave for your morning commute, but by the afternoon it’s in the low 70s with brilliant sunshine, and then back to brisk temperatures as soon as the sun sets. This is the perfect time to pile on those layers. That way when you reach that mid-day hot flash, you can shed a few to accommodate your comfort.

Here are a few pairings that work with the current conditions:

• Bring out the boots! With the current weather you can still bare leg, but if it’s too chilly for that but not quite cool enough for hose, pair them with some thigh-high socks or some nude fishnets.
• Layer a wool sweater vest over your daily work oxford.
• A fitted long-sleeved shirt can be worn under anything short-sleeved or sleeveless.
• Work that pair of long gloves to complete the arm coverage with those elbow-length sleeves.
• Fingerless gloves are perfect for those “I don’t quite need gloves but I’m still pulling the edges of my sleeves downâ€? kind of days.
• It’s not quite cool enough for that fall trench — opt for a cute bomber or blazer with a long scarf instead.
• Cropped skinny pants and peep-toe pumps can still be worn; just make sure the colors are deeper than the summer whites and tans.
• If you must wear that camisole, layer it with a cropped cardigan to show off the pattern without showing off any skin.
• Add some warmth with a stole, a scarf, a hat or gloves, but not necessarily all at once.

You can take almost any piece of clothing you wore for summer and transition it into these cooler couple of weeks. However, there are a few pieces you should start packing away. Any item that shouts “summer� or “beach� should begin its annual hibernation.

Indian summer may still be a part of summer, but it’s also the bridge into autumn. So take this time to begin the process of stepping away from thongs and the sarong, and start strutting toward those fall-inspired high-heeled boots and Burberry trench coats.

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