Reel Life to Real Life

October 6, 2007 • Magazine

Reel Life to Real Life

Reel Life to Real Life

Sat, 2007-10-06 10:00

Emily Huggins

Ever wished you could pull off those stylish looks seen on the silver screen? It might be pretty difficult to channel Liz Taylor in Cleopatra – dramatic headdresses and bold eye makeup probably won’t work at the office. However, it’s possible to bring a little movie magic to your life with a proper dash of vintage style. Using some of my favorite films as a starting point, let’s go shopping for the best vintage pieces around…

Pandora’s Box. Re-live the style of Louise Brooks as Lulu, the free-spirited vaudeville dancer in this 1920s silent film. Women during this era loved shocking their elders in short skirts and even shorter haircuts. They wore lots of Art Deco style clothing and accessories – items distinguished by geometric lines and trimmed with precious metals, feathers, wood and lacquer. The flapper girl is back this fall, so step out of the house feeling just like Louise Brooks with a gorgeous Art Deco purse.

Sabrina. Audrey Hepburn plays a chauffeur’s daughter named Sabrina, who falls madly in love with the playboy son of a wealthy Long Island family. Her father ships her off to a Paris cooking school, where it seems she learns more about the fine art of fashion than food. Sabrina returns sophisticated and beautiful, wearing gorgeous gowns, dresses, and suits designed by the Hubert de Givenchy. Channel Audrey as Sabrina in a stunning red Suzy Perette dress.

The Stepford Wives. The lovely Katharine Ross stars as Joanna Eberhart, a photographer who reluctantly moves with her husband and children from their Manhattan home to a Connecticut suburb. Joanna becomes increasingly aware, however, that things in the small town are not what they seem. I adored Katharine’s seventies clothing, which was sunny and warm – a sharp contrast to the unnerving storyline. She wore lots of bell-bottom pants, colorful scarves and gold hoop earrings. Wide leg pants and denim are back in a big way this year. Wear an original 70s pair.

Splash. Daryl Hannah was simply perfect as the mermaid Madison who wins the affection of a young Tom Hanks. As a girl, I often dreamed of life as a mermaid. Alas, my dream never came true, but I realized I could get the stylish look Madison sported on dry land. Madison stepped into Bloomingdale’s wearing a men’s suit, and stepped out with an entirely new wardrobe. To recreate her Bloomingdale’s outfit, just slip on a loose-fit dress and flat brown ankle boots.

The key to working any movie inspired look is to mix old pieces with modern. Don’t be a copycat. Try not to wear head-to-toe Annie Hall ensembles, or you’ll definitely look too stylized. Pick one accessory or piece, and then use your 21st century fashion knowledge to complete the outfit.

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2. Art Deco Purse
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4. Red Suzy Perette Dress
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6. Navy 1970s Corduroy Pants
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8. Brown Zodiac Boots

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