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October 7, 2007 • Magazine

Fashion Is Normal

Fashion Is Normal

Sun, 2007-10-07 09:00

Jenn Scott

There is an exciting electricity in the air. Everyone is in an amazing mood and smiling much more than usual. What is this phenomenon? Fall is here! After months of excruciating heat and humidity, we can finally breathe easy. For a lot of people, including myself, fall tends to be a crowd favorite among seasons. There are so many options because you can layer, layer, and layer some more.

Want to look like you stepped directly off the runway this season? Well, it’s all in the outerwear. For all of you out there that have a “coat problemâ€?, it’s your time to shine. Keep them in the back of the closet no longer!

Not a coat connoisseur? Not a problem. This is the season to fall in love with your outerwear. It’s time for jackets, coats, and parkas to shine. Here is a simple guide to help you rock the runways, or streets, in your neighborhood.

Let’s start with all you ladies who are 5’6” and above. Luckily, you get the luxury of having a wide variety of lengths. This season has a dash of masculinity added to feminine beauty. Go for something that has the basic structure of a man’s coat, with specific details that make it your own.

Juicy Couture Pleated Empire Coat
This gorgeous fleece can be worn for dress, or casual with some jeans and flats. Again, because of the length, this coat tends to look best on the ladies with a little more length.

Juicy Couture Puffer Coat
Drag out your parkas ladies, because they are HOT! Literally! This is a great way to keep warm this fall and winter and you will look great doing it.

Okay, so, you aren’t 5’6”. Now what do you do? The best way to add the element of a longer torso is to create a waistline. How do you do that? Look for jackets that have ties, or that are pulled in around the waistline. This season, anything goes with jackets. Get creative and add a little pizzazz to your wardrobe!

Marc By Marc Jacobs Twill Jacket
This military influenced jacket is the perfect blend of femininity, style, and structure and will be a wonderful addition to any closet.

Classiques Entier Long Leather Trench
Add some color and a beautiful trench. This jacket is smaller at the waistline and brings the eyes to that point on the body. Whether you have a waist or just want to show off what you have, the problem is solved! Again, everyone is shaped different. If you are on the short side, be aware that short lengths may work better. Have some fun in the dressing room and figure out what you feel best wearing.

Have a few extra pounds that you don’t want accentuated with your coat? Well here are a few ideas that can minimize while looking fabulous.

Fillmore Short Trench
A double breasted trench coat is always a good way to add length to your body. Also, make sure that your trench has a tie to create a waistline.

Fillmore Matrix Trench
If you are taller… then a long trench can be considered. This trench works great for taller girls and girls who have apple shaped figures, or boyish figures. The slight flare can work as a camouflage or help create some hips.

Basic colors are always a way to ensure that a coat can be worn for more than one season. However, if you like to experiment with your wardrobe and aren’t afraid of color, then go for it. Rich colors like yellow, plum, turquoise, and green are big this season, and a fun way to change up the classy styles.

Remember that along with winter and coats comes sweaters. Always remember to keep in mind how your jacket will be utilized the most. If it is a lighter material then not as many adjustments need to be made. However, if you plan to buy a winter coat, always buy a little big so your favorite sweater won’t make it too tight.

A good idea is to take a sweater with you when shopping, or maybe even get a new sweater for your wardrobe!

CeCe Chartreuse Long V-neck Cardigan
Nanette Lepore Red Cardigan
Along the same lines as your jackets, get creative with your sweaters! It always good to have some “staple� sweaters in your wardrobe: classic v-neck, ribbed, button down sweater jackets. However, this season, a must-have is some sweaters with interesting detail. Have a little fun and make sure that your wardrobe always reflects who you are!

A. Juicy Couture Pleated Empire Coat $298

B. Juicy Couture Knee Length Puffer Coat$428

C. Marc By Mar Jacobs Twill Military Jacket £280, On Sale £168

D. Classiques Entier® Open Neck Leather Topper $450

E. Fillmore Short Trench Coat $170

F. Fillmore Short Matrix Trench $230

G. CeCe Chartreuse cashmere Long V-neck Cardigan $129

H. Nanette Lepore Red Cashmere Floral ‘Dreamy’ Cardigan $192

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