Emilio Pucci – “Prince of Prints”

October 9, 2007 • Magazine

Emilio Pucci - “Prince of Prints"

Emilio Pucci - “Prince of Prints"

Sun, 2007-09-09 15:00

Bonnie Brown

Emilio Pucci was a forerunner for today’s fashions. While well known today for his vibrant and swirling patterned scarves, in the 1960’s Pucci was able to capture the jet-set lifestyle the new modern woman was enjoying. His plan was not only to liberate women but to give them freedom and movement. A part of this freedom came from the colorful and constantly changing patterns he created. His inspiration came from the landscapes of the Mediterranean and other exotic cultures. Known as the “prince of prints” by the international fashion press, Pucci ultimately achieved his goal by creating clothing that was light-weight, wrinkle-free and easy to wear. So easy to wear that fashion columnist, Diana Vreeland, was quoted as saying “it is like wearing nothing at all.”

Having been born into one of the oldest noble families in Florence, Italy and having been a member of the 1934 Italian Olympic ski team, Emilio Pucci was the first in over a thousand years to work for a living. While his career as a designer came completely by chance, Pucci was able to make a success of his career by blending his life of leisure with his natural talent of designing clothing; designs that everyone wanted to have a claim to. Not only were the wealthy women sporting Pucci’s luscious prints, but he was also designing anything from carpets to airline uniforms to a Pucci-designed flag for the Apollo 15 space crew to plant on the moon. These maneuvers to create a career for himself succeeded, and in 1962, after years of designing sportswear and ski uniforms, Pucci launched his first couture line, which he claimed was in homage of Jacqueline Kennedy.

Even after his death in 1992, Pucci still holds onto his ideal; designing vibrant, easy to wear apparel for the modern woman.

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