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October 22, 2007 • Lifestyle

After rehab Lindsay Lohan passes on the little-girl bangs.


Cate Blanchette looks like she’s growing out the layers and choosing simple, chic and shiny.


Kate Hudson ditched the bangs but still kept some shorter strands to frame her face.


Even Beckham looks like she’s growing out her short style. We can hope!

Jennifer Lopez prefers the face-framing layers.

Natalie Portman: from bangs swept aside to grown-out grown up

Straight or wavy Rachel Bilson prefers long locks.

They started it and now it looks like they’re finishing it: the return of the precision cut bangs. While some celebs still favor the whispy and just-got-out-of-bed bangs the maintenance involved in keeping them neat and tidy are making bangs a thing of the past. Celebs are ditching last summer’s trend altogether and favoring longer locks that give them more styling options for fall. They can go from glam bombshell to sleek-haired futuristic techno goddess in minutes. Plus, if it’s actually their own hair they won’t have to suffer from the Britney hair (otherwise known as a fried out extension nightmare. Eww.).– Joanne Molina, Senior Editor


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