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October 24, 2007 • Fashion


Black attack.


More tall black boots. They look great with a long tunic and jeans.


Slingbacks make sense in spring-like weather.


Open-toed Tory Burch w/leggings and skirt.


Flats are still the rage.


"I threw the lady in purple in there for kicks! What a hoot." says Dimet Waters.


A camel-colored boot can be just as versatile as black.


Back to black.


And more black.


Snakeskin + buckle= better than average ballet.


Uggs? With all these other options? Yuck.


These are too cute. Love the cut-out toe and sweet heel.


Prade style and basic pumps. Like the Kooba bag…

Second City Style’s Editor-in-Chief hit the NYC streets to get the scoop on the shoes that women are wearing this season. What did she find? "The odd weather made the shoes I was seeing seem rather strange at first glance. But I noticed everything from flip-flops to leather boots and even UGGS! It’s 75 degrees outside, what’s a girl to do?" says Dimet Waters.

"However, I did see a ton of Chanel flats, but couldn’t get pictures. By the time I got the camera ready they had walked away. I also noticed a lot of flat leather boots. Flats and "Pradaesque" sneakers were huge too. Hey, you gotta walk in NYC!" she continues.

The overall winner was the black tall boot that hits right below the knee. Again, below the knee (or you’ll end up looking like a real street walker, not a trend on the street spotter) and stay away from those booties, a total miss this season. –Joanne Molina, Senior Editor

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