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October 30, 2007 • Fashion


You’re Not Fooling Anyone

Joanne Molina, Senior Editor for Second City Style Magazine

I have yet to hear a persuasive argument. I do hear a
lot of whining about price, about how nobody can tell the difference,
about people’s “right” to have whatever they want and finally, how
everyone does it. But truth be told, buying knock-offs, fakes and
counterfeit goods are just a bad idea on both aesthetic and ethical grounds; i.e. they always look fake and even if you don’t care that you could be contributing to a terrorist’s stockpile of cash, you ought to have better standards for yourself.
Finally, I wouldn’t take the work you do at your job and say it was my
own; so give these designers the credit and dollars they are owed
(whether you like it or not). And sometimes if you can’t afford it you
just can’t have it–not very entitlement-oriented I know, but sometimes the answer is just no.

I mention these concerns in light of what’s been brewing in the public sphere as of late.

First, there were the various fashion weeks in Europe and what I saw should scare the pants off everyone
from Forever 21 lovers to devotees of Joe Moron who decided to sell the
season’s it-bag in the backseat of his car: the patterns are
complicated and materials are high-end. In other words, you are going
to look like crap if you think that a pleather, polyester or rayon
substitute is going to resemble what you saw on the runway. It’s going
to get ugly this season. So what are your choices? Save your money to
buy select pieces that will make your wardrobe bones work for you OR
there are companies that emulate the style of the pieces on the runway
(and not duplicate an entire dress or handbag) that will have great

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6 Responses to It’s in the Details. Molina Manifesto. The Faux Must Go: Say No to Knock-Offs. Second City Style Fashion Blog

  1. aliali says:

    what a bunch of baloney. It is how you wear the clothes that count, not what label you wear

  2. Joanne-SCS says:

    I’m not sure this comment has anything to do with the concerns in this piece. However, I do agree that the style of clothing that you prefer should be based on what you like. If you like big LVs over everything, great. If not, that’s your choice too.

  3. Lyza says:

    Woman, I’m a little disappointed in this entry…First of all, if everyone bought all name brand stuff, many people would be in debt right now…Basically everything that isn’t designer is, in a way, knocked-off, but some things are higher quality than others. I would think the people who care enough about fashion to read your blog would know the difference.

  4. Joanne-SCS says:

    I agree 100% that you shouldn’t buy a label for the sake of just having the label. I think consumers should only buy a label if it offers quality (note my Dana Thomas reference). But just because you can’t afford to pay for someone’s work and idea and creative property doesn’t mean that you should support a company that steals it.

  5. Karen says:

    Wait a minute, she’s not saying you have to buy all designer merchandise. But there is a difference between something designed to be mid or low priced and a knockoff of something high priced. You can buy clothes from chain stores or other less expensive retailers that are designed for them. She’s just saying that if you can’t afford real Prada or whatever, don’t get the fake ones, get a less expensive, well made non designer item instead.

  6. Joanne-SCS says:

    Amen! Someone gets my point 🙂 Thanks Angie!

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