All the Rave: Nu-Rave

November 4, 2007 • Magazine

All the Rave: Nu-Rave

All the Rave: Nu-Rave

Sun, 2007-11-04 15:00

Gabbie Perez

Nu-rave is a second-coming: a throwback to the late 80’s rave culture craze characterized by club youth, fashion students, and electro music. Instigated by overwhelming popularity of nu-rave bands (the Klaxons and M.I.A.), the nu-rave craze took Paris streets by storm earlier this year. Parisian nu-rave is defined by any combination of neon colors, clashing patterns, bold sunglasses (night or day), and retro sneakers. The youth, especially near Canal St. Martin in the 10th arrondissement, has rebelled against typically conservative Parisian styles (black, black, and more black!).

This distinctive style has been slowly seeping into mainstream fashion… think of a certain preoccupation with 80’s fashion, luminous colors, skinny jeans, and bold accessories. Although nu-rave fashion has penetrated the commercial sphere, most new-ravers use thrift stores to assure a unique look. But if that is not your thing, here are a few suggestions to add some rave into your wardrobe.

1. The Klaxons
2. M.I.A.

3. Zac Posen: Spring 2008
4. Y-3: Fall 2007

Real life:
5. American Apparel Uni-sex Flex Fleece V-Neck Sweater $38
6. Porter Grey Glass Button Romper $255
7. Stella McCartney Platform Pump $595
8. Lanvin Crystal Studded Sunglasses $385
9. Gridded Risky Business Sunglasses $385
9. On the Paris Streets photos: Gabbie Perez

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