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November 5, 2007 • Celebrity Style

I hate to admit, I love witnessing the fashions music artists wear because they are either wonderfully over the top or just plain awful and fun to poke fun at. I have no clue what the 2007 World Music Awards are, but they were held last night (November 4) in Monte Carlo. Who knew?

Check out some of the red carpet looks and how these performers transformed for the stage.

Ciara arrived on the red carpet in this hot mess (in every shot her arms were posed like this) , so I was not holding out much hope for her performance wear.


…and she performed looking totally fab and glam! Great (and shocking job)!


Rihanna arrived in this green mermaid dress which really accentuated her booty.


and performed in this mini prom dress. Dig the shoes though.


Avril Lavigne…I beg her to lose the combat boots…permanently. Oh and the pink streak although it’s better than the boots by a long shot. If you are old enough to get married, you are old enough to lose the combat boots with everything.

Here they are again now with her requisite plaidwear. Yeesch.

I love Patti LaBelle. She as a great set of pipes and is not afraid.

Here she is performing with Shaggy and notice the bottom half of her dress is gone. Genius. Bad either way you slice it…but genius nonetheless.

You know what I love about Celine? She is a true diva, seems able to make fun of herself and Kathy Griffin’s imitation of her. I also love that the women who headlined in Vegas with no less than 10 costume changes per show…performed in the same dress she arrived in. See? She is like us (yeah).


The red carpet arrival of Natalie Horler of Cascada. Who is she?

Someone who can’t dress apparently. Just when you thought it couldn’t get worse than the photo above…comes this. The winner. Truly fug.

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  1. cuk says:

    Love the pics of Natalie Horler (Cascada) I think she’s gorgeous, very talented and underrated !!! I don’t give a fig what she wears as she always looks stunning !!!!

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