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November 8, 2007 • Celebrity Style


Deborah Norville in Michael Kors


Jessica Simpson in Michael Kors

Maybe it’s just me but I think Deborah Norville won this battle. Regardless, fashion nightmares weren’t the only unpleasantness at the ACE awards according to Page Six.
Apparently the producers of the awards show said they lost everyone’s speech, including the one reserved for Andre Leon Talley. It wasn’t until after he went on stage and had to wing it that he was able to go to the computers and the show the producers that it wasn’t lost.. they just couldn’t find it on the screen. Ouch. –Joanne Molina, Senior Editor

November 8, 2007 — MONDAY night’s Accessory Council Excellence (ACE)
awards at Cipriani 42nd Street was "a complete and utter disaster," an
attendee told us. The event’s producer, Firefly LA, had technical
trouble. "The computers went down and they lost everyone’s speech," our
spy reports. "André Leon Talley had a meltdown backstage after
they told him he’d never given them his speech. He went out onstage and
winged it – but then came backstage, scrolled down the prompter and
showed the producers where his speech was. It was ridiculous." Plus,
the lighting was off – "People walked up onto the stage in darkness."
Images projected onto screens had nothing to do with winners. In a
fashion fiasco, Deborah Norville and Jessica Simpson both showed up in the same Michael Kors
dress. "I guess the people over at Kors decided it was too good for one
girl alone," laughed another guest. E-mails to Firefly weren’t
returned, but an ACE rep admitted, "The video system crashed and the
program got a bug of sorts . . . It was obviously a disappointment, but
I think most people in the room understood that every once in a while,
things happen."

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