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November 9, 2007 • Fashion


There is news today that Al-Qaeda terrorists made bomb threats to shopping malls in Chicago and Los Angeles.

We shoppers can live without a mall for a weekend, and possibly have not been to a large mall in a while anyway. I don’t mean to make light of this, but this is another ongoing reason to shop our local boutiques and designer shops. I doubt that the terrorists care about that little strip on Division Street in Wicker Park, Damen Avenue in Bucktown, Southport Avenue in Wrigleyville, or the few short blocks on Wells Street in Old Town.  It’s good for our city to support local commerce.

People are saying "Well if are they saying not to worry about this, than why are they even telling us about it at all?" The Chicago Tribune tells us that it was a media leak and the sources are "not credible" and to go about our holiday shopping. But they also say that the Chicago police were definitely alerted, so why shouldn’t we be alerted? We like to know what’s going on.

I think the good thing about this kind of news is that we should always be aware when we are in large public places with large numbers of people. In a strange way, it seems carefully planned. This mixed message came at a good time. Here in Chicago, I know that I do not think about 911 every day as some people in New York City probably do. People in L.A. may need a reminder as well. We must not forget. And maybe it sends a good message to the terrorists, too. "We will alert our public and you cannot get away with a terrorist attack on our nation ever again."

— Carol Calacci, Managing Editor

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