Don’t Go-Go Making Bad Impressions

November 11, 2007 • Magazine

Don't Go-Go Making Bad Impressions

Don't Go-Go Making Bad Impressions

Sun, 2007-11-11 07:00

Thomas Kikis

Last fall, my cousin Michael told us he was bringing his new girlfriend over for Thanksgiving dinner. Everyone, including our 94 year-old grandmother, waited in anticipation. My cousins and I were ready to judge her. We’re an unforgiving bunch and in this case especially, our job was made too easy. Michael arrived with his perky 24 year-old moments before we were taking our seats for the big feast. After the initial introductions, she took off her jacket where she unveiled a very inappropriate outfit: Denim mini-skirt, cowboy boots, and a long tube top that she finished off with a shiny studded belt. She informed us that she was studying to get her Masters in Psychology, yet her deep purple tube top declared: “Go Go Dancer” in silver metallic letters that with my font expertise I identified as IMPACT Bold. The impact was bold indeed, as Michael’s mother quite audibly gasped and darted into the kitchen to “check on the turkey”. My mother followed, eager to “give her a hand”. Within seconds, my uncle broke the silence by grabbing the remote control to check on the football game. “I wonder how the Cowboys are doing,” he pondered. At that moment my sister silently pointed out Ms. Tube Top’s very own cowboy boots and I had to leave the room to keep from laughing.

What we all learned on that special day was that celebrating the holidays with your boyfriend’s family is pivotal in taking the next step in a serious relationship. No one expects you to change your entire look and sense of style. I would suggest going easy on the make up (like an interview), wearing an appropriate outfit, and bringing a bottle of wine or dessert. And as my horror story taught you, you should avoid wearing tube tops that declare dancing on a pole – not only at Thanksgiving but always in life.

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